Healthy Breakfast ideas…

OK…,those who know me also know that eating healthy for me is not about being a size s. I care about being healthy and fit. By the ways, I am no guru. These are just stuff that work for me. What works for you?

That said, my first breakfast idea is WATER!!! yep.Unbenannt

How to drink water at breakfast

1/2 litterĀ Sparkling water

1/2 cucumber

1/2 lemon

Drinking water at breakfast has numerous benefits ranging from detoxifying to giving a glowing skin. To enjoy these benefits, it is also encouraged to drink lots of water through out the day.



What keeps me inspired?

Life in itself is sweet…lol. I mean, with family, friends and doing what you want to really do one should be happy. Right? Some days of course seem to be like spoil spots where one is simply down even though all is in place for happiness. What keeps me inspired on such days? I belief that in my might alone, I would not be able to pass such check points. I can say for myself, that prayer, faith and love have always seen me through. Nevertheless, staying inspired is a continuous journey!!! it is always so easy to feel demotivated. Keeping a goal ahead and constantly reminding ourselves why we would like to achieve this goal should do the trick. I always keep in mind that I can and I would. I just need to make the effort.

What keeps you inspired? Please share

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